Hit Your Goals

360 Coaching is my signature approach to coaching. The concept behind 360 is simple: First, we determine your three most important goals in the next 60 days. Then we put a plan together to hit them. I guide you through the process and keep you on track. I work as your guide and advisor to help you get to your goals. Some goal examples from past clients: launch a business, switch careers, learn how to build self-confidence, etc. 

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Launch your Dream business

I help new entrepreneurs take ideas and turn them into viable successful businesses. Whether you want to start a wellness center, launch a fitness app or open a gym, I will help you go from idea to execution. 

I can help with business plans, teach you how to raise money from investors, create branding and marketing plans, etc.


Get Answers


Sometimes you don’t need a full blown coaching program, you just need some quick answers from an expert. That’s why I also offer single coaching sessions. 


Here’s how these work:


  1. You book the session

  2. We spend 60-90 minutes on the phone talking about your situation/questions

  3. I will give you at least three recommendations to move forward


It’s as simple as that.


partner together

Occasionally I work as a Contract Chief Sales Officer for small companies. I can help you boost sales; build & train a sales team; identify the right markets to pursue; pitch investors, etc. I’ve been involved in over $100M in sales in tech, health and wellness, apps, real estate, corporate, etc. 


I recently helped a fitness app company close a $100k sale in 45 days (in the middle of a Pandemic). I’m available to work on a strategy basis (I design the strategy for you) or project basis (I do all the work).


Oftentimes you just need someone to boost sales and help you drive revenue. Get in touch to see how I can help.

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