Two Things to Be Successful

Unshakable Faith.

Unbelievable effort.

Those are the two things and only two things that you really need to be successful. Read that in a book recently and it struck me for how simple and easy to follow it is. Have faith (a shit-ton of it) and work your ass off.

There are more flowery ways to say it but it really comes down to that.

In my life, combining faith and effort has always led to good things. Whether it was back surgery rehab when I was 16 (I knew I’d play lacrosse again no matter what the doctor said) or when I committed to putting 100% of myself (warts and all) into my marriage; faith and effort have always rewarded me.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated.

You don’t need a guru or master plan. Just work your ass off and have faith in yourself.

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