Sushi dreams...

Right in the middle of a global pandemic it hit me. the feeling of being out of control or being helpless was less about my surroundings and more about my mindset. I was stuck in the thinking that I was powerless and things were 'happening' to me.

It's kinda like making sushi. 

I love sushi. 

Anything with shrimp and rice and edamame and I'm 1005 down. it always looked so complicated and sophisticated.  I thought I could never make it on my own. 

And then I randomly tried to make it. I watched a few videos, bought the stuff and tried to do it.

It ended up being a hell of a lot easier than it looked. 

My sushi came out pretty damn fantastic and my family of picky eaters loved it. Now i make it at least once a week for the crew. 


Extrapolate this into life and the lessons you have are:

- Things that look complicated and unattainable often are easy

- Being willing to fail (and end up with shitty sushi) is necessary to success in life

- The most beautiful things can often be broken down into component parts*

*Sushi keys:

- the right rice

- the right nori

- cutting the veggies/fish the right way

- a tight, compact roll

Thats it, much love…

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