Personal Coaching

Jim is a special breed in that he genuinely cares about others. I consider Jim to have had a significant impact on both my career and personal growth. You’ll definitely enjoy working with him and get caught up in his enthusiasm for life
— Jon Davis

What is performance based coaching?

It’s focused on helping you figure out what you want in life and how to get it, plain and simple. We work on what you want and developing skills to get it.


What should I expect from coaching?

Expect to uncover your true self; expect to find out you're more powerful than you'd imagined; expect to to love yourself and accept yourself more. Expect some f’ing good stuff to happen in your world


What are the benefits of coaching with you?

You’ll get results fast. You’ll get a custom coaching plan to help you achieve your goals. Together we build a coaching plan around what you need and incorporate a variety of teaching methods to help you get the results you deserve.


What are your areas of expertise?

I will help you build confidence & self-esteem; accelerate your career; strengthen your relationship; find your purpose in life; recover from sexual abuse, etc.


Why do you coach?

(This is the 1st question you should ask any coach)

My answer is that I coach because I love helping people succeed in life.

I especially love helping people who are flawed and imperfect (like me) but are willing to work hard for their own happiness.

If you’re one of those people then you f’ing rock and let’s work together!

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