Strategy + Consulting


Jim helps organizations develop strategy, drive sales, build a winning culture, etc through the power of leadership development. Jim helps clients develop brand and marketing plans that drive sales and revenues while reducing expenses. Jim serves clients in a variety of ways including one-on-one sessions, workshops, and in-house executive coaching. When you hire Jim, you get Jim- work is never outsourced and you always have one point of contact.


One-On-One Sessions

Best For: CEOs and business owners who need help in one specific area.

This is the most effective way for result-oriented individuals to work with Jim to solve a critical problem, launch a new business or product line or get help developing a long-term strategy or marketing plan. Weekly hour-long meetings are held onsite or remote for 90 days. Prior to the initial meeting, clients will submit all pertinent info to Jim for review. During the first session Jim will detail the plan to achieve the best results for the client


Full Day Workshop

Best For: Executive teams, sales teams, non-profits & small business owners

Spend a full day with Jim in a workshop environment with your entire team. Topics will include: - Strategy development - Marketing and Branding Plans - Evaluate current place in the market and how to improve - Understanding your customer and how best to serve them - Setting team habits & goals - Identify hidden blue oceans (opportunities) in your market - Grow sales, memberships & revenues - Build a winning team culture To see what you can accomplish in a full day workshop with Jim click below.


In-House Executive Coaching

Best For: CEOs, Business Owners, Executive teams

Jim will spend 3 days working hand-in-hand with you at your location. All facets of executive coaching & strategy development will be covered. By being onsite Jim will be able to give you real-time feedback on your team, your customers and your operations. Within three days you’ll have an actionable plan that you can put into effect immediately. Jim will also be able to provide real-time feedback on every aspect of your business. To see what you can accomplish in an in-house executive coaching