Ultimate Guide to Epic Fitness

Do you hate going to the gym?  Are you too busy or too tired to exercise daily?  If so, then this podcast is for you.  See how to make working out fun again and learn how to fit it into any schedule.

You'll see how a married guy with two kids and a full time career still manages to workout 5-6 times per week. You'll see the tips about how to schedule your workouts, what to do, and how to seamlessly incorporate exercise into your daily routine.


  • Obvious truths:
    • To be healthy you have to move your body
    • The more you move, the better you feel
    • Burn more calories than you take in and you lose weight
    • Not so obvious truths
      • Working out should be fun every time you do it
      • Variety of workouts builds resiliency
      • Different environments are stimulating for different reasons
  • My workout goals:
    • get my heart rate up
    • build strength and power
    • increase confidence
    • look better
    • feel better

Pre-workout prep:

  • everything is in the car
  • eat first - usually a protein shooter (orgain protein)
  • eat immediately afterwards
  • quick prayer mantra (usually while I’m driving)

My program- (what I do):

  • hoop- 4x4, 2 different courts
  • football- old man league in Carlsbad
  • surfing - Pipes and Terra Mar, ride long boards
  • softball- Cardiff, Lake park
  • crossfit- Crossfit Society

Why it works for me:

  • covers several areas:
    • Heart (cardio)
    • Body (strength and power)
    • Mind (competition)
    • Coordination (2 things at once, running and catching a ball)
    • Includes a social element
      • connects me to different communities
        • football
        • crossfit
        • softball
        • hoop
        • the more connected I am, the better I feel and the better my health is
        • makes working out less boring
        • alternative is blasting away in the gym with headphones on

Workout tips for you:

  • Make it variable
  • Schedule it
  • Prioritize it
      • schedule it
      • work around it (why i do crossfire at 9am and hoop at noon)
      • Make it social
        • find your skill level
        • find groups you’d want to hang out with afterwards (football and softball examples)
          • hoop example of what NOT to do
          • Start slowly, think of the long game (Eric DePaula’s comment to me during crossfit class)
          • Keep it quick (under 1 hr)
          • Be prepared at any moment (Pack the Prius beforehand)
          • Eat light before, protein afterwards

Workout stuff I love:

The Team Simcoe Hydroflask water bottles. (the black and Orange ones are my daily go-to bottles)
The Team Simcoe Hydroflask water bottles. (the black and Orange ones are my daily go-to bottles)