How to launch an Epic startup in 30 days

Build a mission-driven business that gives you freedom, wealth and happiness.  No experience necessary, just follow the steps outlined in this podcast. This hour long podcast is a summary of the Epic Business Builder Program I created for new entrepreneurs.

You'll learn how to develop the right vision, easily write an effective business plan, raise money from investors and identify your best customers.  You'll learn from my mistakes and get firsthand experience on how to build a business with zero budget and little experience. If I can do it, you can too.

What's covered in this podcast*:

  1. How to create a vision and mission for your business.
  2. How to write a 20 page business plan in a week.
  3. How to raise money from investors
  4. How to pitch investors effectively especially if you don't like sales or asking for money
  5. Everything you need to know about marketing

* In a future episode I'll cover how to have build a rockstar team, have an epic launch and the mentality you need to be successful.