How to deal with social anxiety

On Episode 40 of the Make Life Epic Podcast, we talk about social anxiety and how best to deal with it with my friend Jennifer Copyak.

She shares some great insights into how to combat social anxiety and how as a naturally introverted person she’s been able to deal with social anxiety. Very cool interview and I’m really grateful she was as open and honest about her challenges in this area as she was.

Dealing with social anxiety is something many of us face on a regular basis. Hell, I’m a pretty extroverted guy and I deal with it often as well.

Show notes:

  • Background on Jen [1:05-2:05]
  • What does social anxiety mean for Jen [2:35-6:55]
  • We are all trying to find our place everywhere we go [9:50-12:10]
  • How Jen deals with her anxiety [15:20-18:25]
  • Accepting who you are [20:40-26:10]
  • Jen’s advice to others who feel social anxiety [27:00-31:05]
  • Daily activities that trigger social anxiety [34:00-36:45]
  • Importance of doing things that fill you up [37:00-39:10]
  • Helpful books & resources for Jen [39:50-43:10]
  • Final Thoughts [50:20-52:15]

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