How to Be a Rock Star in Life

You can be a rockstar in life if you're willing to work at it and follow these 5 key steps.  Tune in and learn about the power of the 'grind', how to obsess about success (in a healthy way) and see why Nickelback and Kid Rock inspired this podcast*.

*Wow, it hurts just typing that...

Show Notes:

You must have:

Belief in yourself - I deserve it

Confidence - I can do it

Flexibility, know when to change it up


1. Find your niche:Master 1 thing better than anyone else for me: building awesome teams, inspiring people, green building

2. Make an active choice - “I’m going to be a rockstar at:__________"

3. Find your fans and love them up - Who loves you? - Family - Close friends - Facebook/SM friends - Who supports you no matter what?  Who can you try anything with and they’ll dig it?

4. Grind - Grind, sleep, rinse and repeat - Read Daily Rituals - creative habits/routines of artists/writers like: Hemingway, Saul Bellow, Picasso,

5. Active Dream about it - Obsess over it - Treat it like a crossfit puppy - think about it, talk about it

Links (not affiliate links):

1. Daily Rituals book

2. 1000 Fans

Twitter people to follow:

1.@AureliusQuotes - Great quotes from my main man, Marcus Aurelius.  He of Roman emperor fame and early proponent of Stoicism.  Love this guy and the tweets here are fantastic.

2. @AndreaRodgers - I don't know her personally but like the tweets she puts out.  Very cool, very positive take on life.

More of these to come...