How to lead with your heart

Episode 38 of the Make Life Epic podcast is a spontaneous, unplanned, totally unscripted podcast where I cover the 5 key steps to lead with your heart. I recorded this just as I was about to leave my office one night a few days after I was in a hit & run car accident (which taught me a lot). I wasn’t hurt but the woman who hit me still took off. This left me asking myself a lot of questions and introspecting.

An epic life of righteous awesomeness starts by leading with your heart.

Show Notes:

  • The Hit & Run [2:30-3:45]
  • Understand your true best self [8:40-9:30]
  • Recognize when you’re in your head and when you’re in your Heart [9:35-11:00]
  • Be willing to buck conventions and norms [11:25-14:25]
  • Decide with your Heart [14:45-16:15]
  • Be cool with failure if your motivation is pure [16:20-17:40]
  • The Hero’s Journey [19:40-20:10]

Links Mentioned:

  1. Tom Kelly from Soul of Yoga [5:10-5:40]
  2. Rosa Parks [11:50-12:25]
  3. Dalai Lama – Art of Happiness [16:35-17:00]