Connecting Passion to Purpose - The Eliel Cycling story

In today's podcast I interview my friend, Derek Wiback about his experience running a start-up cycling company.  Derek epitomizes the phase "Do what you love" and he serves as a great example of someone connecting their passion to their purpose.

Listen in to hear how to connect your passion to your life's purpose and how to make a career out of it. You'll learn how to develop a team, have a healthy business partnership and how to connect your values with your career.

Derek Wiback is one of the founders of Eliel Cycling. He lives in Encinitas, Ca with his wife and two daughters (sound familiar?).  Not only is Derek a cool guy with about 3% body-fat, but he also gave me a cool Eliel hat today during our podcast.

*Derek is the guy on the right with a mohawk.

For more about his company, check out: