Coaching Entrepreneurs and Being a Sexy Boss

Episode 43 of the Make Life Epic Podcast features Heather Havenwood – Marketing & Sales coach, and Author of the best-selling book ‘Sexy Boss’.

You will get to hear about Heather’s insightful take on marketing and entrepreneurship, her journey from bankruptcy to becoming the Sexy Boss in her life, and why you should have mature-selfishness.

Show notes:

  • What Heather does and who she works with [1:25-3:05]
  • The biggest problems that Entrepreneurs face [4:30-10:25]
  • Keeping your passion and work separate [11:50-14:45]
  • Heather’s Background [14:55-16:00]
  • How Sexy Boss came about [19:50-24:15]
  • Her experience with writing and doing an audio book [24:25-28:25]
  • Being a Sexy Boss in life [28:20-37:15]
  • Her inspiration (It’s about what you build) [37:25-46:55]
  • Her Hero [47:05-48:10]
  • 3 keys to an epic life [49:05-52:40]
  • Closing thoughts: Clarity Clarity Clarity [52:55-53:50]

Links Mentioned:

  1. Heather’s Website
  2. Sexy Boss – The Book
  3. Joe Sugarman