Be the Underdog

If you've ever been the underdog then this podcast for you. You'll learn why being the underdog is actually an advantage and how to leverage it. You'll see what a 45 year old average hoopster, Luke Skywalker and Julian Edelman (from the New England Patriots) all have in common. You'll hear 4 key steps to embracing your role as the underdog and how to use it to use it to your advantage in any situation.


Benefits of being the underdog:

  • You're anonymous, no one expects much from you at all
  • It can be motivating when people think you are going to fail
  • When you're successful it's even sweeter
  • You create a great example for others
  • Success begets success
  • Makes you work harder and working harder increases your chances of success


  • Be a 'dangerous person'.  Someone who can hear "No" & "You're wrong" & "it will never work" and can keep pushing through while ignoring the noise is a very dangerous person.  Be that person.
  • Embrace the underdog role.  Love it and fully embrace the struggle and having the odds against you.  Don't fear it, embrace it and keep moving.
  • Lock in with the right people.  People either love/support you or they don't. Rally around those that do and forget everyone else.

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