Advice for couples - 11 Ways to Make your Relationship Fantastic

Make your relationship better with these 11 tips for couples. See how to painlessly resolve typical relationship problems, communicate correctly & improve your love life.  Relationships can be easy and awesome if you’re willing to do the work and you have the right tools. Check out the podcast and see how to turn your relationship around and make it awesome again.


  1. Communicate and connect
    • Listen & hear
    • Think of your partner as your best friend 1st
    • Be interested vs interesting
  2. Don’t take her for granted
    • Appreciate all that they do for you
  3. Be the best spouse/boyfriend in comparison
    • How do you stack up?
    • Is there someone better than you?
    • Ok to be competitive here:)
  4. Don’t shut down during an argument
    • Ask for space if you’re shutting down
  5. It’s ok to go to to bed mad
    • Common misconception
    • End of day: tired, cranky
    • Early morning: refreshed and new outlook
  6. Don’t cheat (emotionally or physically)
    • When you cheat on your partner you’re really cheating on yourself
    • Commit to living to an ideal version of yourself
    • Leave the relationship before you cheat
  7. Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty
    • Don’t bring up past fights, problems, ex'es
    • Don’t call each other names (contempt is the biggest sigh of relationship failure)
  8. Don’t dwell on the negative
    • 2 facts of life:
      • You are awesome
      • You are far from perfect, my friend
    • Don’t dwell on everything your partner does that drives you nuts
      • Being late for ex.
    • Focus on what your partner does that’s awesome
  9. Understand the difference between understanding and acceptance
    • NFL watching example:)
  10. Admit when you’re wrong, shut up when you’re right
    • When you know you’re wrong, just admit it
    • Don’t gloat when you’re right
  11. Don’t be upset about something that won’t matter in 5 years
    • One of the keys to life is to reduce your stress levels
    • Why give a crap about something that isn’t going to matter in 5 years?