39 unconventional ways to make 2016 epic

Happy New Year!  As it is the 3rd of January you've probably heard a lot of podcasts talking about how to make this year "the best year ever!" or "how to keep your new years resolutions".  Well this isn't one of them.

This podcast gives you 39 very unconventional ways to make this year epic, no resolutions required. Everything from swearing more to choosing success over perfection to the books to read to make laugh, cry and be better at life, love & business.

You'll see why the Spark Planner rocks, Hydro Flask is the best/only water bottle you need and why Dollar Shave Club razors are the best in the world. You'll learn about 30-day awesome person challenges on Facebook, why dogs are so important and why finding a twenty in your jeans is the key to life.

The list and the links:

1- Treat every morning like you just found a twenty in your jeans

2- Spend more time with your dog/dogs or get a dog

3- Expect zero from anyone (you’ll be pleasantly surprised daily)

4- Switch to Dollar Shave Club razors

5- Read a book a week (Financial Lives of Poets, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, Lottery)

6- Use a Spark Planner

7- Do a 30 day awesome person challenge on FB

8- Play in a co-ed softball league

9- Wear a Hawaiian short at least once a month

10- At work always do what you say and focus on always providing value

11- Shoot for success, not perfection

12- Do more 1-day adventures. Quick one day trips once a month, somewhere within 2 hours.  The journey is the key, not the place.

13- Eat more fish tacos (Taco Surf, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos)

14- Swear more- read more about why it's so damn healthy here

15- Be flexible on 99% of everything but stand your ground on that 1%. Dinner plans? Sure, whatever you want. Work late? yep, if you need me I’ll be there.  Miss my daughters school play?  Nope, not even in the realm of possibility.

16- Find your tribes & make some new friends. CrossFit, baseball cards, Star Wars, sewing groups, MMA, animal rights, whatever

17- Stop giving a fuck about what other people think. Observe the 33% Rule.

18- Drink more water & use my favorite water bottles - Hydro Flask

19- If you run your own business read 1000 Raving Fans

20- Get Amazon prime ( faster shipping, great movies, less hassle)

21- Use the Calcuta calculator - pretty cool

22- Read anything by Mark Haskell Smith. Total genius, impossible to be in a bad mood after reading him

23- Finish every project, every job strong

24- Get some Tasc Performance pants and bamboo shirts

25- Drink gemmaicha green tea  from Buddha Teas

26- Sleep naked

27-  Don't worry about looking stupid (you should see how bad my new goatee looks right now)

28- Network effectively- for every event know your purpose: are you there to get business, get noticed or get laid?

29- Find love/ rekindle love. Be open to it, don’t look for it. Love yourself first

30- Read The Players Tribune & Elephant Journal online

31- Drink intelligently.  Never get drunker than your boss, your best client or your top investor. Just don’t do it

32- Listen to more music, hear the lyrics of some modern day poets (RHCP, Incubus, The Lovebirds, Tupac)

33-Help a non-profit w/strategy. Look them up on GuideStar, find one and offer to help

34- Focus on focus. Read Power of Full Engagement & Focus, the hidden driver of Excellence

35- Use socially media the right way: Twitter (research/news real time), Instagram (motivation/dreaming); FB (showing off what you’re about to eat); Pinterest (recipes and DIY), Linkedin (does anyone use this anymore?)

36- Feng shui your office, your house - Get Cathleeen's book: Feng Shi That Makes Sense

37- Pick 3 words. What three words do you want to be the mantra for your year?  Chris Brogan wrote about this and it's pretty cool. Several years ago mine was Build, Believe, Grind.  This year mine are: Trust. God. Give. 

38- Quantify all of your relationships. This is a yes/no proportion: healthy/positive or NOT. Lose those that fall into the NOT category

39- Be cool with who you are and enjoy the ride.