Do what you love

Episode 37 of the Make Life Epic podcast features Jennifer Taylor, author of ‘Love Incorporated – The Business of doing what you love’. Jennifer talks about her unique transformation and how she’s been able to help people really connect to their true life’s purpose.

[apologies for the tiny echo during the recording, my mic was acting a little funky.  Not Rick James funky (good), more like ‘hey this mic is not fantastic’ funky]

Show Notes:

  • What is her book about [0:55-1:40]
  • Jennifer’s journey through college into her job [1:50-4:30]
  • Discovering her Life Purpose [4:35-5:30]
  • Her life-changing decision [7:05-8:10]
  • What is Quantum Touch? [9:05-10:25]
  • Her experience with integrating her beliefs in the business-world [11:00-14:40]
  • Her inspiration [14:55-15:50]
  • Her Heroes [17:00-19:00]
  • 3 Keys to an Epic Life [21:35-22:45]
  • Her advice to her 25-year-old self [24:00-24:30]
  • Her advice to other woman [24:45-26:00]
  • Her wishes for the World [27:15-28:20]

Links Mentioned:

  1. Website of the Book: Love Incorporated – The Business of doing what you love
  2. Quantum Touch website
  3. Jennifer Taylor on Twitter
  4. Markus Rothkranz [17:20-17:55]