Me & my beloved baby-blue surf-mobile Prius.

Me & my beloved baby-blue surf-mobile Prius.


I'm an author, speaker & host of the Make Life Epic podcast. I help people build confidence & self-esteem improve their love lives and live heart-centered lives. 

I'm NOT a life coach. A life coach is is great at giving you tactical advice (kind of like the guy at the Genius Bar). I prefer to work strategically as a mentor to help you create the life you deserve. 

While you're here, give my podcast a listen and read through my blog. Feel free to grab my free eBooks, listen to some podcasts and see if you like my stuff. Get in touch with me if you're interested in booking me for your event or learning more about my mentorship programs.

About me in 40 words: Speaker, author, father, husband, entrepreneur, host of the Make Life Epic Podcast, former collegiate athlete, Get Xer, sexual abuse survivor, surfer, left-handed Aries with a passion for fish tacos & the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

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My job as a speaker is to deliver a speech so fantastic that your audience walks out of the room stoked & inspired about their lives. It's my job to make them the Hero (not me) able to do great things in the world right away. I am 100% focused on delivering the message, the feelings & the outcomes that you want, not me. This is your event, your audience are the rockstars, the heroes and it's my job to make them realize that.

I am available to speak in a variety of events including keynotes, retreats, workshops, seminars, trainings, presentations, etc. I'm not a generalist and typically only speak on three topics: Building Confidence & Self-Esteem; Mastering Love & Relationships and Heart-Centered Living.

Please contact me to check my availability and discuss your event.


"The time to start living an epic life is right now."

— Jim Simcoe



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