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“Fall mountains, just don’t fall on me”

- Jimi Hendrix

Ever feel like you’re constantly reacting to life instead of living it?  You chase what you think you want and sacrifice your time, your relationships, your health and your sanity to get it. 

And it’s a downward spiral because when you’re in a frenzied state of constant stress/activity, its hard to slow down and focus on yourself. Face it, it’s hard to work on your own sh*t because no one wants to do it and most people don’t know where to start.

That’s where I come in.

I’m here to help you thrive. 

I’m here to help you figure out your life-long goals and achieve them. 

I’m here to help you fix your relationship, break through your stumbling blocks and create a life that you’re thrilled to live.

I’m here to help you stop doing the wrong things and start doing the right ones.

Put simply, I’m your coach. 

I’m the consigliere to your Godfather; the Ben Kenobi to your Luke.  In the story that is your life, you are the hero. I’m just the guy who helps you become heroic.

I work with a small group of people and don’t take on just anyone.  It has to be a good fit for both of us.  I’m also not cheap and I’m not going to do the work for you. That said I promise you’ll transform your life through our work together.

Call me and let’s figure out if I can help you.

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  • Your job stresses you out
  • Your relationship is ok but feels like it could be a whole lot better
  • You can’t remember the last time you were blissfully happy
  • Everything in life seems to be harder than you expected
  • You don’t have any freedom and feel like someone else (boss/wife/kids/etc) controls your time
  • You’re not sure where your life is headed
  • Your peers are passing you by
  • You want to change careers but are scared to it
  • You need a major life change
  • Your diet sucks and you could lose 20 pounds

Now before your brain explodes, keep in mind that you’ve still got plenty of time. You’ve got plenty of time to create the life you want and the life you deserve. But i think it’s safe to say you can’t do it alone.  You need a coach…


  1. You wake up inspired every day without the need of an alarm clock.
  2. You go to a job that you love, that fulfills you and pays you more than you could have dreamed.
  3. Your relationship with your spouse and children is the best it’s ever been. You feel respected, understood and loved by them all.
  4. Your marriage is now devoid of the nagging & nitpicking that’s bothered you for years. You’re getting along great, having the best sex of your life and your spouse is your best friend again.
  5. You make enough money to go on vacation whenever you want.
  6. Your health is thriving and you look 10 years younger than you are. If you had to spontaneously run a 10k right now you could do it easily.
  7. Your self-confidence is at an all-time high.  People sense that about you and new opportunities and accolades present themselves to you regularly.
  8. Your kids respect you and choose to spend time with you.
  9. Every day feels invigorating and filled with joy, happiness and possibilities.
  10. Relationships with friends is the best it’s ever been. They see you as a beacon of light in stormy world and you are an example to them of someone who has his sh*t together
  11. You wake up every Monday stoked to go to work.


In Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon is a genius. 

Instead of killing it at MIT he’s pushing broom because he can’t get out of his own way. He’s got zero self-confidence and is stuck in a serious rut. He’s ruled by his past, living with shame and regret that he keeps bottled inside. He lives alone, gets in fights and is completely squandering his potential until he meets Robin Williams.

Robin Williams becomes his therapist/coach/mentor and the adventure begins. By the end of the movie (spoiler alert) Matt has reclaimed his confidence, gotten the girl, successfully dealt with his childhood and is heading to Stanford in the car Chucky and the boys bought him for his 21st birthday.

The point is that he was a genius of historic proportions and even he couldn’t figure it out alone.  The fact is that we ALL need coaching at some point. You cannot achieve success, happiness & fulfillment alone.

You need a coach.   

A typical coach is insightful, impartial and focused on your goals. 

A good coach is strategic and tactical. 

A great coach is inspiring and motivating.

A fantastic coach is a life-changing partner that you’ll never forget (and probably name a dog after)

A truly fantastic coach serves more as a mentor and consigliere (re: The Godfather) to you. They are your trusted advisor and 100% focused on helping you achieving your goals.

Some of the greatest coaches in the world (real and fictional)

Yoda - coached Luke on the power of an unseen, unprovable concept (the Force) and got him to defeat the Dark side

Alicia Keys - Watch any episode of The Voice and see Alicia inspire her team by her honesty and natural ability to build self-confidence in them

Tom Hagen - Consigliere to the Godfather, he kept the family business running so that Brando could handle the bigger picture issues

Oprah - has coached numerous people on her couch over the past 20+ years, celebrities and normal people alike.

Bill Belichick - Turned a 6th round pick into the greatest QB ever and won 5 SuperBowls along the way with a bunch of no-name players. The master of getting more out of people than even they could believe.


Thrive in chaos

Face it, life is chaotic. Between work, family, kids, email, other people, etc. life can be a trip through a chaos minefield 24 hrs a day. Learning how to manage chaos is how Tom Brady wins Super Bowls.

Find purpose

Ever feel like you should be doing something else with your life but you don’t know what? We’ve all felt this- that nagging feeling that you’re wasting your life away but you’re too scared to quit because you make good money. 

You dread Mondays and live for Fridays. The weeks turn into months and months into years and suddenly you’re in decades into a job/industry/position that you don’t even like anymore and don’t know what you really want to do.

Well, we’ll find your ‘what’. 

We’ll figure out how to take you from today to where you want to go.  Together we’ll get you clear on your purpose & your passion so you can love Mondays again.

Have a better relationship

Fight less & have better sex.  Seems simple, but these are the keys to a great, long-lasting relationship.  Though coaching we’ll determine what you really want & what your partner needs. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively, increase intimacy and make your relationship fun again. Reduce the nagging & fighting and get back in the bedroom!

Increase confidence

Most of the missed opportunities in your life have probably come from a lack of confidence. A lack of confidence makes you hesitate when you should take action.  A lack of confidence allows you to get pushed around and discounted by those around you. The painful fact is that without confidence you can never be truly successful and happy.  

One of the core elements of coaching to improve your self-confidence so you’re like Oprah stepping on the stage or Jordan stepping on the court.  That look in their eyes you can almost hear them say,  “I got this”.  That’s what we’ll develop in you so that you own any room you walk into.

Replace regret with hopeful optimism

We all have regrets. We all have sh*t that we’d like to do over or are embarrassed by.  These regrets can consume your life with doubt and stressor you can transform them into something good.

In our coaching we’ll work through same and regret and turn them into hope and optimism.

Manage stress

The only people I know who don’t have stress in their lives are babies.  Everyone else, me & you included, deal with a fair amount of stress on a daily basis.  That’s just a fact of life. Being able to manage that stress is the key. 

We’ll take your stresses and determine ways to manage them so that you can reduce their impact and be happier.


  • Marriage & relationship problems
  • Career stagnation
  • Feeling stuck in life
  • Lack of motivation, purpose, fulfillment
  • Stress management and dealing with life’s chaos
  • Lack of sex drive, intimacy
  • Unable to feel happy on a regular basis
  • Lack of joy in your life

Get in touch IF:

  • You feel stuck in your life and don’t know what to do next
  • You’re worried about whats going to happen to you in the next 40 years
  • You feel powerless
  • You have no freedom, all of your time is owned by someone else
  • You are stressed beyond belief
  • You feel like you have no one to talk to
  • Your career bores you but you can’t quit
  • Your marriage/relationship is lackluster at best
  • Your sex life is boring and unfulfilling
  • You wake up tired, go through the day tired and go to bed exhausted
  • You absolutely dread Mondays


It’s called Hero Coaching for a reason. I truly believe that you have a hero inside you and it’s just a matter of letting him or her out.  And before we go too much further lets talk about what a hero is. A hero is someone who is:

  1. Scared and afraid and moves forward anyway.
  2. Not afraid to show affection & be intimate with his/her partner.
  3. Is confident enough to be honest and authentic with everyone
  4. Knows the they are on the right path 
  5. Flawed 7 prone to mistakes and yet still manages to love themselves

Put simply, the hero is you. 


  1. Weekly 1-on-1 coaching.  You’ll coach with me directly & we record every call so you don’t have to worry about taking notes. You are encouraged to review our calls on a regular basis.
  2. Weekly Action Plans. During every call we’ll create an action plan for the following week.  This serves to keep you on track and accountable as well as give us a benchmark to work from.
  1. Private Slack channel. All notes, downloads, info, emails go into our private channel so you have access to it for life.  This serves as our library and working area for all of our work together. It’s all in one place & you can access it 24hours/day via your phone, computer, tablet, etc. 
  2. Text access. You have unlimited access to me via text as needed. I respond to all texts within 60 minutes M-F, 7am-4pm.
  3. Network connections. During our coaching I’ll introduce you to various people in my network that I believe will be of value to you.
  4. I will upon occasion send you items via regular mail
  5. Additional calls outside our weekly meetings are available as needed


The Hero Coaching program is not an out-of-the-box-one-size-fits all coaching program.  It is a custom program based on your needs relative to your life right now. As such, every clients fee structure is different. During your discovery call I’ll review our fee structure. 

A few thoughts on fees:

  1. Coaching fees aren’t cheap.  In the same way you wouldn’t go to a cut-rate brain surgeon, you shouldn’t go to a cut-rate coach. To get high value results you need a high value coach.
  2. Fees are structured to discourage people who aren’t serious about coaching.  I only want to work with people who are committed to their progress and willing to do the work.
  3. Fees are designed to return 10xtheir value. For example, if you invest $5000 in career coaching you should expect to see $25,000 - $50,000 in value from that coaching.  Usually the return is higher than 10x but that’s the minimum expectation.
  4. Payment plans are available in certain circumstances.


  1. It’s 100% free, confidential and no obligation.  During the call we talk about whats happening in your world & determine if coach is right for you. If it is, great and if not then you got 45 minutes of free advice.
  2. Test drive my coaching.  You get to see if you resonate with what I’m saying and if we can be successful together.
  3. You’ll get some insight on a current issue you’re having for an impartial uninvolved person (me) who can give you some perspective.
  4. You’ll be taking the first step to changing your own life. Even if we choose not to work together you’ll be taking back control of your life and moving in the right direction.
  5. You’ll see a glimmer of hope and possibility that is available to you in your life if you work for it.
  6. You’ll feel better by taking through some of your challenges. Sometimes just talking about things can make them better.
  7. You’ll gain some clarity on what you want out of life.
  8. A call with me is LESS risky than continuing on your current path.  Sorry to be blunt but it’s true.
  9. You’ll realize that you’re not alone. You’ll see that lots of people feel the way you do and that your problems are solvable.
  10. You’ll talk to someone who’ll listen without judgement and give you a level of compassion and kindness that you probably need right now.


Apologies for being blunt but you’re not getting any younger.  The time to take positive action in your life is right now.  Don’t wait until tomorrow or say you’ll book it next week, book it now and let’s talk. Let’s get you unstuck, let’s fix your relationship and lets unleash that inner hero of your who’s dying to come out. 

The time in now, Let’s roll...


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