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“Sometimes you just gotta say what the f*ck and make your move” - Joel Goodson, Risky Business**

About this blog

- These are my thoughts, they are largely unvarnished/unedited and probably contain more swear words than Moms would like. Swearing is ok though, check out why here

- I have a deep seated commitment to helping you.  Not because I’m some great selfless guy pining to be the Dali Llama. It’s because I’m egotistical enough that helping others lights me up. I get super stoked when I help someone and they succeed. I wish I could be more selfless but that’s the honest answer.

- Batman is cooler than Superman. Superman has ONE fault (kryptonite) and is almost too perfect. Batman is a mess; he lives in a mansion with a butler, dresses in all black and he can’t show his whole face.

I relate to Batman because he’s filled with flaws and succeeds in spite of them.  This is a blog for people who relate to Batman because they’re flawed/scared/whatever.  If everything in your life is perfect (including your hair) then you’re not going to like my stuff. if you have some obvious flaws/fears then I might be your guy.

- This blog is heavily ‘anti-rah-rah’. We don't do trust falls and fire walks here.  In many ways my stuff is self-help for people who can’t stand traditional self-help. You don't need a cheerleader, you need advice and a plan.

- The purpose of this blog is to give you advice/tools/resources/things to consider to make your life better.  Pretty simple but that’s the goal.  

- Everything here is based on personal experience & lessons I’ve learned. None of this is theory. It would be dishonest and inauthentic of me to write about or give you advice about something I don’t have experience in. That’s why you won’t see any posts about making millions of dollars.  I haven’t made a million yet so I’m not going to write about it.  When I do; I will:)

- The main topics I write/podcast about are: confidence; love & relationships; mindset & mental toughness; heart-centered living; health and wellness & conquering fears. I also write about entrepreneurship, start-ups and career lessons.

- I read somewhere that until you know an authors background you really only know half the story.  So here’s mine: 47, married, 2 kids, live in San Diego. Love Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tupac surfing and fish tacos. Grew up south of Boston, went to college in New York. Played collegiate lacrosse, have been in a few bands and wrote a book called Hero Up: Unleash Your Inner Hero and Make Life Epic. Left handed Filipino/Italian Aries.

- In your life you’ve probably gone through some horrific sh*t. Me too.  I was sexually abused for years when I was in middle school/high school; survived the Northridge CA earthquake and had Tricia Bigler break up with me in high school for a hockey player. My point is that I’m a relatively happy dude who was able to fight through a lot of past issues and get to where I am now. You can too. I’m happily married (15 years so far); have great kids & a job I love. I don’t use an alarm clock, I surf, play football and do crossfit regularly.  Life isn't perfect but it's pretty damn good.

- I’m not a huge fan of guru’s or 'guru-mentality'.  I don’t have all the answers and I tend not trust anyone who says they do. Personally I think you (we) are all stronger than that and you don’t need a guru.  I truly believe there is a hero inside each one of us and it’s a matter of bringing that person out. You are stronger, more capable and more awesome than you think, trust me.  And I know this part sounds cheesy but I grew up in the 80s and quoted Risky Business at the top so what were you expecting?:))

- Last thing: I love and want to hear from you.  Please email or text me your thoughts/comments or suggestions on anything you read or any topics you suggest.  I think of this blog as a collaborative effort, I’m just the guy who writes the stuff down- most of the great ideas come from you.



Jim Simcoe