Make life epic

In this episode we talk baout how to create an epic life no matter where you are rigth now.  Jim Simcoe sets the stage by defining an epic life and giving some background into what makes life epic for all of us.

About your host: Jim Simcoe is a 45 year old married guy living in San Diego who loves fish tacos, listens unashamedly to 80s music, surfs and plays hoop regularly and is committed to creating an epic life.  Jim gave up a cushy Corporate America job to run a social venture building green homes. He works his ass off but loves it and always looks forward to Mondays. 

He lives with his wife and two daughters, two dogs and two cats and is constantly waiting for the girls to be ready and get in the damn car. (yes, he swears too).

So check out the podcast and see how to create a life filled with happiness, love, health, fantastic sex, wealth and more. See how to live a happier, meaningful life; empower yourself to be awesome and crush it in everything you do. 

Jim Simcoe