How to sell your ideas to anyone

Nothing happens, no careers are made, no iPhones sold until someone sells an idea to someone else.  It all starts with the ‘sale’ whether you think of yourself as a salesperson or not.   We are all in sales.

From the first girl you kissed to your last career change, you’ve sold someone else on your idea.  You sold them on, “kissing me right now is the best choice for you”.

Obi-Wan sold Luke on the idea that a life of adventure, danger and purpose was a better alternative than what he was currently doing.  He reached into the core of Luke so thoroughly that what seemed out of the question 24 hours ago (leaving home) soon seemed impossible NOT to do.

And here's what happened next:

Obi-Wan knew instinctively what Luke’s emotional triggers were so he knew how to craft his idea so it would appeal to Luke.  If he had told Luke, “Hey, take a trip with me, you might die but you’ll meet Han Solo and he’s pretty cool so why don’t you come along?” Luke would have said no.

Instead he said, “Come with me, it’ll be dangerous but never boring, you might save the world (or die gloriously trying). Either way, you’ll leave a monster legacy and meet some hot intergalactic chicks. And I’ll drive.”

So get clear on what idea you’re selling and why it is the best alternative for whoever you’re selling.  Think of their needs and emotional triggers and don’t sell them on why your idea works for you.  Sell it on why it works for them.  Whether you’re selling Congress on a plastic bag tax or your wife on watching Monday Night Football, always sell to people’s emotional triggers.

I’ll have a ton more on this in a future podcast episode as well.

Epic LivingJim Simcoe