An Epic life...

Hi, I’m Jim.

I’m a man, a husband, a father, a social venture entrepreneur.  I’ve enjoyed huge successes, colossal failures and I can’t stand artichokes.  I am a football fanatic, have two daughters and run marathons (slowly).  I love surfing glassy waves in warm water and searching for the meaning and legacy in my own life.

Marcus Aurelius, Michael Jordan and Anthony Kiedis are a few of my biggest heroes. Expect to see a lot of references to them on this site.

What I believe:

  • We all deserve to live epic lives.
  • Inside each one of us is the ability to be a hero to someone else
  • Life should be enjoyed, not slogged through
  • Work should be fun, meaningful and profitable
  • Grinding (working hard) can be it’s own reward
  • We are all building our legacy right now
  • Marriage should be a sex-filled, joyous partnership with the occasional to-do list in there.
  • Children are people and should be treated with love, respect and not coddled
  • I was born to help others do great things, be an example to my daughters and a great husband to my wife
  • My mission for this site is to help heart-centered people lead epic lives
  • An epic life comes down to: how you live, the work you do, the people you love, the legacy you leave

Those are the four areas I focus on in my life and the focus of this site.  This site is for heart-centered people who want to do great things.  People who want to leave a legacy and want a fulfilling life of love, success, health, wealth and aren't’ afraid to grind for it.

Let’s get epic…

Epic LivingJim Simcoe