Why this, why me, why now?

  • Because not knowing what to do with your life is a scary place to exist
  • Because I've had colossal failures that you can learn from
  • Because finding your purpose & finding the confidence to go after it are your inalienable rights of being a goddamn human on this planet
  • Because  this blog is meant to be a 'real' place online. No filler, lots of curse words and no crap meant to make me look good while you feel bad. You get the good and bad on here- just don't tell my dog about the bad:)
  • Because your time is now. You are meant to have an awesome life.
  • Because Instagram isn't real. No food looks that good, those smiles are mostly fake and thier lives are as tough/crazy as yours
  • Because when you die do you want people to say, "man, he was really good at email and showing up to meetings on time'?  F that-leave a legacy
  • Because I'm a deeply flawed yet totally happy dude.  If you learn just one thing it's probably worth the price of checking this out
  • Because I focus on three things only: finding your purpose, building confidence & self-esteem and living a hero's life.  You won't learn how to make $10M in a month or get a six pack in two weeks; but pretty sure I can help you get unstuck in our life
  • Because people everywhere need heroes. Sounds cheesy but it's true. Here's the thing- what if the Hero is YOU?
  • Because you don't need a guru. You have the power to change your life. You are strong enough, good enough.  You are even more than you think
  • Because you'll learn about some books, programs and music that may help you
  • Because rooting for the underdog (me and you) is the most goddamn glorious thing you can do
  • Because I was sexually abused. Because I know what shame, regret and pain feel like and how much it can f up your life if you don't figure out how to deal with it
  • Because in life you're either in the drivers seat, the passenger seat or the trunk. Drive the car
  • Because you should wake up Monday mornings stoked for the week ahead. Monday should be the best day of your week





Jim Simcoe