Lessons from the gay guy who hit on me

Rainbow Popsicle.jpg

A obviously gay barista lightly hit on me today. He said he liked my outfit and that I looked good.  And while being hit on by anyone under the age of 70 shoots endorphins directly to my brain, this also gave me a little hope for our world. Here's why:

We're constantly bombarded by bad news. The sky is constantly falling. Politics suck, every country hates the US, our President is a goofball, etc. etc. 

Yet within this climate here's a dude who's unabashedly gay and unafraid to be really out.  He's so out he's hitting on an older guy in a coffee shop. For anyone under 35 this isn't a big deal but I remember in my 20s not knowing anyone who was publicly out.  Being gay back then was a pretty big deal. Now it's a bigger deal if you're vegan.

So it may not be much but we're coming along as a society. We're not perfect but we're a little more tolerant, a little more accepting in general. Now I'm not talking about everyone. There are still homophobic idiots in the world, there may just be a little less of them.

The lesson here for me today was to catch the bright spots of life when they appear.  Check out those around you and see what you'd like to emulate. For me, it's this guy's courage and comfortableness in his own skin.

Lessons for us are everywhere. We just have to recognize them when we trip over them. I'm going to work on that...




Jim Simcoe