Learning from dumbbells...


I dig crossfit.  Like a lot. I love the workouts, I love the people, the music, the way I feel afterward, I love everything but the damn burpies and inchworms. Here's what it does for me:

  • Relieves stress. It's an hour a day where email, texts, calls and obligations cannot find me. They are persona non-grata for 60 mins.  Glorious.
  • Builds muscle. Building muscle is always good.  Someone once told me that muscles are like a bookshelf and your internal organs are like the books. Stronger the frame, the longer and more protected the books are.  I want to keep all the books in place for a long f'ing time personally.
  • Gets my heart pumping.  This in turn makes my heart stronger, more efficient and less likely to explode during a game of capture-the-flag with a bunch of 11 year olds. That's good.
  • Gives me a community. The people I work out with don't always know what I do. I don't work with them and our kids don't go to the same school. yet we suffer through the same workouts together so there's an inherent bond there. I love the people at our gym- they'e become some of my best friends in the world.
  • Turns my brain off for 60 minutes. I can't think about work/kids/marriage/the Patriots because I'm too busy figuring out how to do a power clean more efficiently. This simple deviation from my usual train of thought is refreshing.  A power clean means nothing to me 23 hours a day until I get to the gym. Then it means everything.
  • Crossfit is all mine.  My wife and kids don't do it.  My friends (outside of my gym) don't do it.  This is all mine in my circle. Pretty cool.
  • I'm not advocating you join a crossfit gym.  What I am saying is that I recommend finding some activity/hobby to do that's outside the usual realm of your life. It could be drone racing, yoga, krav maga, etc. Doesn't matter what it is but have something thats all yours that you can do almost every day.  it's worth it.
Jim Simcoe