Podcast Episode: How to Write a Book (even if you suck at writing)


If you’ve ever wondered how to write a book then today’s podcast is for you.

The truth is we are all writers with a story to tell. Yes, even you (I see you shaking your head). Writing a book is pretty cool. Publishing that book is even cooler.

On the show today I’m going to give you all the tips & tools to go from ‘person’ to ‘published author’. I wrote & published a book in 6 months and so can you.

In this podcast I cover the 7 steps to write a book, the tools I used, what methods worked well and which didn’t. You’ll also hear about my love affair with index cards, how to do a book outline and why it’s easier than ever to self-publish. Writing a book can be a fantastically empowering experience. 

Check out the podcast and learn how to write a book (even if you failed high school English:)


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Jim Simcoe