10 ways to tell if your life is epic

In the glorious pursuit of an epic life it is crucial to know how you’re doing. Are you on track, way off track, close or nowhere near where you should be? Like it says in the Bible, if you don’t have Google maps enabled how will you know how to get to the coffee shop.

That said, here are 10 ways to tell if your life is currently epic or on the right track:

  1. Health is optimal.  You could run 5 miles right now without dying.  You’re not overweight or anorexic and your body is not pear shaped.  You don’t have any major food addictions and you could give up sugar, coffee, alcohol without too much of a problem. You eat healthy (low red meat, high veggies, low carbs) 80% of the time. If you binge on pizza you make it up the next day by having kale sandwiches. That last sentence was a joke because I would never eat a kale sandwich.
  2. Money is good.  You have enough money to support your life and you put cash away into investments and savings. You may not own a villa in Monte Carlo but you wouldn’t sweat buying a Vespa if you wanted one. You have enough money to live, go on vacation and you’re saving for retirement and kids education.
  3. Your career gives you freedom and fulfills you. You drive the bus and and no one owns you. You do meaningful work that makes a positive impact on the world. You love who you work with and while work is challenging, you have frequent successes. And you love Mondays (I’m serious).
  4. You have a fantastic relationship with your partner/spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend. Your values align, the sex is awesome and you bring out the best in each other. Very little nagging and nit-picking occurs. You are friends, lovers and confidants.
  5. You consistently make a positive impact in your community.  You volunteer, run a non-profit or do work that lifts up our society in some way. This is a regular thing for you, it’s not just writing a check, it’s all about being involved and contributing.
  6. You are optimistic and happy 90% of the time.  Things happen, stuff goes wrong, people are late but overall you’re generally happy.
  7. Your values are rock solid and untouchable. You know what you believe in and no amount of societal pressure is moving your rock.
  8. You don’t have “busy” days.  Busy usually means you’re doing too many things that are un-important (and not enjoyable) every day.  When life is epic you have “active” days filled with meaning and fun.  You’re active not busy.
  9. You have 3 solid friends that would do anything for you.  You may not talk to them everyday but you can always count on them. In a Mexican jail and need bail money and a plane ticket?  You call one of them and they show up, no questions asked. Jim Eagen, John Copyak and Brian Pinheiro are my three, thanks boys…
  10. You love and respect yourself. Life is on the upswing, you strive for success (and not perfection) so you’re happy about the person you are.  You may not be totally satisfied but you can look yourself in the mirror and feel proud.

Hurtling around the sun at a billion miles an hour can be quite a ride sometimes.

I truly believe we are all here to have epic lives.  I don’t think we’re supposed to shrink from the spotlight and live quietly, I think we’re really here to do some amazing things.

So check out the list and see how you’re doing.  Keep in mind, no one, not even Tom Brady or Oprah are hitting all ten perfectly.  We are all works in progress.  More power to you, my friend.

Epic LivingJim Simcoe