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I am a father, husband, coach, Chief Sales Officer, author, surfer, cross-fitter, RHCP devotee and fish taco fiend.


I’m a left-handed Aries from Attleboro, MA 

living near the beach in San Diego, CA.


I developed the 360 Coaching Method because it’s the most direct way to help people hit their goals. It’s fast (but not too fast); direct and not based on theory. It forces you to get clear on what’s most important and helps you put a plan in place. 


I’ve used it personally in my own life whether the goal has been to launch a business, run a marathon, drop a few pounds, improve my relationship, build confidence, etc. Three goals in 60 days just works.

"Choose Not a Life of Imitation"

Red Hot Chili Peppers

My Story...

Life is made up of firsts.


I remember the first time I met my wife, the first time I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers live and the first time I held my daughters. All amazing…


Life is meant to be exhilarating and thrilling and scary sometimes. To me, that’s how you know you’re alive. My work, my beliefs and how I live is deeply rooted in the pursuit of an interesting, original life. Boring scares the shit out of me (so do snakes and mice).


Growing up In Attleboro MA I was a brown kid in a lily white neighborhood. I was different but I seemed to fit in by being a good student and playing sports.


A few things about me:


Husband- I’ve been married since 2002.  We have a strong commitment based on love and respect (and her willingness to put up with my 80s music and tank tops).  I’m no expert but I think I know what works in a relationship. They seem to function best when they are filled with fun, intimacy, trust and hot sex. We all deserve that, right?


Lead Singer- Playing in a band in college taught me to face my fears. I was the lead singer even though I can’t really sing.  In fact, I’m really not that great at all. So I had to face my fears of performing in front of people (scary) and being not great (embarrassing, also scary).  I was in the band for four years and surprisingly we were pretty popular. Nothing like getting paid in free beer to cover Beastie Boy songs.


I learned that being on stage and pouring my heart into each song was more important than singing technically perfect. This experience gave me the tools to face my fears, boost my confidence and help others do the same.  Crazy but being in a band was one of the biggest keys to my personal development. 


Athlete- I’ve played sports all my life including college lacrosse, football, surfing, softball, crossfit, basketball, etc. Sports have taught me how to build mental toughness, discipline, commitment and work with others.  All of these lessons are ones I still lean on today. 


Sexual Abuse Survivor- I was sexually abused by my Uncle for about five years when I was in middle school/high school. I’ve blocked out most of it so don’t remember much of my childhood before that time.  At the time I didn’t care if I lived or died and I carried the shame of the abuse with me for 25 years.  


I still get triggered by late afternoon sun (the time of day usually when my Uncle would come for me) and it’s affected almost every relationship I’ve ever had.  I know what it’s like to feel shame and have major trust issues.  Luckily I worked through it and life is good now.  


Sexual abuse or other trauma does not have to irrevocably f*ck up your life.  I fully believe you can recover from it and actually use it as fuel. 


Entrepreneur- I’ve worked in big jobs in Corporate America and launched my own businesses.  Previously, I’ve felt stuck in my job and unsure what to do. I’ve also launched and sold several successful businesses. I’ve raised money for start ups (over $15M in total) and I’ve also lived on mac & cheese with three bucks in my checking account for a period of time.  


I enjoy helping people figure out their best career moves or finding their purpose in life. There is nothing like seeing the lightbulb go off with someone when they realize what they are meant to do with their life. Or helping someone get a promotion or transition into a more exciting role at their company.


Coach & Mentor- At the end of the day, I was born to coach. I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to do other jobs and they just didn’t take. I found that sometimes you have to separate ‘believing’ and ‘knowing’ in your life. 


Believing you do with your brain. Based on my skills I believed that working in a corporate environment would be good for me and it was for a while. 


Knowing you do with your heart. While I believed I’d do well in corporate America and I always knew I was born to coach.


In life I firmly believe you’ll have more success and be happier when you ‘know’ something and follow your heart. It’s always worked for me.


So now you know a little about me, what about you?


Drop a message and lmk more about you. Tell me the interesting stuff, your hopes/dreams/fears/goals/favorite band/movies.


I love getting these messages so fire away and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Much love...Jim

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